14 Oct

Home Decor Suggestions and Tips

home decor suggestionsIn this blog’s first post, I went over some general home decor tips and ideas for you to check out. For this post, I figure it might be useful to provide a couple general guidelines to help you take those first steps with your redesign plans.

The first important question to answer, obviously, is, “what is your room going to look like?” When it comes to home decor, there’s no definitive answer, simply because it depends on you personal tastes. The great thing about home decor is that there’s so much material out there to draw inspiration from. A quick Google search will reveal hundreds, if not thousands of lists and galleries that provide some great style inspiration. If you’re still not sure, getting a second opinion on your ideas will go a great way towards crystallizing that clear and perfect vision of your ideal living room.

Now, let’s say you’re ready to go out and start shopping; where, exactly, should you even start? You probably already have a good idea of where you’re going to get your goods, but it’s still important to keep your options open. Who knows when you’ll come across that unique piece of furniture that you absolutely must have. One example I have is from a company called “Rug and Home” (a rug store, North Carolina) I almost missed out on their selection completely; I was about to pull the trigger on a few items, rug included, that I wasn’t crazy about. That is, until I decided on a whim to see if I could find any better deals online. Lo and behold, I stumbled across Rug and Home and ended up a happy customer.

Ultimately, if there’s one conclusion to draw from this lil’ blog post, it’s to do some research and explore your options before you make any final decisions. You have a lot to choose from in the great wide world of interior decoration, so take your time if you can.

12 Oct

Winterize Your Home Before the Cold

Fall has only just begun and yet it’s that time of year again — winterization time! If you don’t get started on it right away, you should at least be thinking about it, creating a list or making an appointment with an experienced HVAC technician. For those of you who aren’t aware, let’s start from square one. Winterization is the process of making sure your home is ready to face the winter weather without difficulty. It’s a kind of preventative maintenance, preventing your home from experiencing frozen pipes, leaks, damage to personal assets, and more.

Since cold weather can cause issues with the HVAC system and the way it functions, it’s advised to have this maintenance done in the fall before it has the chance to do so.

What can be Included in the Winterization Process:

  • Checking the system to see if there are any parts in need of lubrication, fixing or replacement.
  • Using a draft guard underneath the doors and caulking the windows.
  • Replacing inefficient doors and windows.
  • Insulating the pipes to avoid them from freezing and leaking.
  • Changing out the air filters.
  • Making sure the thermostat is working to the best of its ability. (A programmable one is best)
  • Considering an insert for your fireplace to direct heat inside the home.
  • Replacing worn or missing shingles.
  • Sealing any cracks in the foundation of your home.

An HVAC services company provides more helpful winter tips in an infographic, including “be aware of your use of exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom, they pull the hot air that rises to the ceiling of your home,” “open your blinds and let sun in to warm your home during the day” and “make sure the area by your furnace is cleared out.”


Start winterizing today to ensure your HVAC system and home is ready for the winter months!

DIY Window Winterizing:

28 Sep

Fall Decorating 101

I know I am not the only one who has a list of items, scents and events that give me the feeling of fall. For me, the list consists of cider donuts, apple picking and taking out my box of fall decorations. While I have a bunch of every-year favorites in that box, there are always a few items that have reached their limit. When this happens, I like to take a trip to my favorite stores for a little fall refresh. This year, I found myself asking, “what elements signify fall?” Sometimes you don’t realize until it all comes together, so I made a list to help you with your decorating endeavors!

Here are some of the elements you can look for while shopping.


There are a couple color schemes that work well for fall decorating — colors found in nature and dark shades. A mixture of the two is even better. Between the way I’ve decorated my home in the past, the ideas I’ve gathered from other homes and what I’ve seen in stores and magazines, I have a pretty good sense of the colors I enjoy using the most.

  • Maroon
  • Plum
  • Forest Green
  • Rust
  • Yellow
  • Brown








The two pictured pieces above can be found at Valley Lighting & Home Decor.


Two popular styles to keep an eye out for this fall are nature-inspired and rustic. Like the colors listed above, these styles can be easily worked together. The rustic style incorporates wooden pieces, from furniture and mirrors to fans and lighting fixtures. This year, the rustic style is on my front porch, including a wooden rocking that sit nexts to a wooden table. I then placed a glass vase in the center of the table and filled it with mini gourds. This is where it ties into the next style, nature-inspired. Nature-inspired can incorporate wood as well, but there are other nature elements included. For the fall, foliage design is the perfect example. Another idea is the use of fruits. Try a basket of colorful fruits for a centerpiece, but use more of the dark colored ones for the perfect fall contrast.


As the weather gets into the chillier temperatures, many of us just want to feel cozy. This is where textures come in. Throw blankets, throw pillows, rugs, and curtains can provide that cozy feel. Another easy way to add some texture is by purchasing or making your own fall-inspired wreath. By using items such as  pine cones, corn husk and garland, you can create one texture-filled wreath for your front door or interior.


Use your pumpkins for extra decor!